Official Name: Republic of Cyprus

Location: south of Turkey, west of Syria and Lebanon, northwest of Israel and Palestine, north of Egypt, east of Greece

Official Languages: Greek and Turkish

Population: approximately 1.2 million people

Culture & Interest:

  • Nicosia is the only capital city in the world that is divided by two countries. The northern part is Turkish and the southern part is Greek.
  • Cyprus is the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, behind Sicily and Sardinia.
  • The family, including both the nuclear and extended family, is the center of the social structure.
  • Hierarchy is very important to Cypriots. This is due to the strong ties of their two main religions, Islam in Turkish Cyprus and Greek Orthodox in Greek Cyprus.

Doing Business In Cyprus:

  • Face-to-face meetings are preferred. Doing business over phone or email is seen as impersonal.
  • It is common for meetings to get a bit off track, let it happen! There is also a chance they may be interrupted (more than once).
  • Appointments are necessary and should be made well in advance.
  • When loyalty is established, after multiple business and personal meetings, your Cypriot colleague will be loyal to you, rather than your company.
  • Cypriots are well versed in negotiation and once deals are agreed upon, contracts are absolutely necessary and must be followed exactly.
  • Both men and women should dress conservatively in business.

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April 15, 2019