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​​We partner with your company and help you learn the techniques needed to effectively manage your international benefits plans and global mobility programs.

Specializing in International Benefits
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Specializing in employee relocation

2016 Global BEPS Readiness Survey Report

Globally mobile employees are increasingly creating permanent establishment (PE) issues for organizations within the current climate of virtual, digital and global expansion.

The world’s tax authorities are moving towards implementation of the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project recommendations, which represent the latest set of global regulations that are meant to address international tax alignment and compliance.

The following Thomson Reuters survey, conducted for the second consecutive year, reports that although corporations have taken proactive steps to address implementation of the OECD BEPS recommendations they have discovered that more resources will be required for BEPS compliance.  The survey reports on the level of tax reporting preparedness of 207 corporations for the OECD BEPS project.

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Who we are.

Spectrum Group Consulting Services, LLC is an independent consulting firm specializing in international benefits and global mobility. We provide services to assist businesses with the design, implementation, and management of global mobility and international benefit strategies and solutions. We support our clients by becoming an extension of their Benefits and Global Mobility/Relocation departments. We are happy to come into your office to work or we can work virtually as a member of your team.We work directly with your local HR resources and your carriers, brokers and service providers in all regions of the world. We frequently work directly with other key departments such as Procurement, Finance & Accounting, Treasury, Tax, etc. 

By working in this way, we learn about your organization enabling us to provide a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to effectively coordinating and managing your benefits and mobility programs by leveraging your existing external service providers in conjunction with your internal resources and program objectives.

What makes us different.

  • We're independent
  • We've worked in your job
  • Our costs are competitive
  • Our global HR experience is extensive
  • Our approach is pragmatic and cost effective
  • We respond to the unique needs of each client

We know the market and the players.
Our consultants have extensive experience and have been in your shoes. They've been responsible for managing benefits, ensuring compliance and reporting to Senior Management on cost and program effectiveness. We know the carriers, brokers and service providers who specialize in the international benefits and mobility markets.